LUX is a reusable, scalable and useful design language to secure a predictable and researched user experience, and to prevent wasting time and money making the same thing twice. It's a meeting place between documented user needs and business goals. You are here because you want to get to know our customers and how we meet them in different channels.


The first rule of LUX is that you talk about LUX. Spread the word, contribute and be a team player. There are no other rules.


As a designer you should read just about everything here. As a contributor to LUX you are expected to be excellent at user research and documentation. Your designs are worthless if they have not been tested on real users and if they are not documented. You are obsessed with the mobile experience and you think reuse in everything you do.


As a coder you should read everything under Process, Analytics and Components. As a contributor to LUX you are expected to follow documentation and principles. Be obsessed with speed and reuse.

Business owners

As a business owner you will find detailed descriptions of how the functionality your users meet work. You can find the people responsible for specific components and even contact them to ask for improvements or clarifications. You are expected to contribute with your knowledge and understand the user needs behind the decisions made.

Content types